Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saint Gabriel: Annunciation to a Leaf Insect

Saint Gabriel the Archangel- March 24PATRON OF CHILDBIRTH, DIPLOMATS, MESSENGERS, POSTAL WORKERS, STAMP COLLECTORS, TELEPHONE AND TELEVISION WORKERSAfter Michael, the second most glorious of all the Heavenly Host, Gabriel has acted throughout history as God’s envoy to humankind. It was he who explained to the imprisoned prophet Daniel, the meaning of his visions, who advised the father of John the Baptist that his barren wife was with child, and who announced the news of her being In the Holy Family Way to the Blessed Virgin (coining, in the process, the most frequently repeated phrase in history, “Hail, Mary”). By tradition it is said that Gabriel led the singing Herald Angels in proclaiming Christ’s birth to the shepherds. Muslims call him Gibrail, and believe he dictated the Koran. Pope Pius XII, in 1951, declared him Patron of everyone employed in the telecommunications industries. Paul VI, in 1982, put mail carriers under his protection—and, by extension, stamp collectors.

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